Our Team

Paul Osenar, President & CEO

Dr. Osenar has extensive experience in commercializing technology, having worked for upstart power and it’s predecessor company, Protonex since 2000.  He was appointed CEO of that company in 2010 and was instrumental in the sale to Ballard Power Systems in 2015.  His primary area of expertise is with fuel cells, having been named in over 50 issued and pending patents.  Dr. Osenar received a B.S. from Cornell University and a Ph.D. in Materials Science from the University of Illinois.

Nathan Palumbo, CTO

Mr. Palumbo has a background in mechanical design, technology and product development.  Prior to joining Upstart Power, Mr. Palumbo worked at NASAs Dryden Flight Research Center, at Gentex corporation and at the University of Tennessee Space Institute.  Mr. Palumbo has earned multiple patents through his work in transforming SOFC technology from continuous production to intermittent power delivery, including those in fuel cell heat transfer, fuel reactor design and mechanical systems.  Mr. Palumbo holds a B.S. from Penn State University and M.S. from Purdue University, both in Mechanical Engineering.

Tyler Cote, VP, Product Development and Manufacturing

Mr. Cote is an accomplished design engineer and technical team leader.  He holds a B.S. in Engineering Physics and is adept at incorporating new technology into easy to use, low-cost, reliable products.  Mr. Cote is named in a number of patents related to diagnostic medical devices.  Mr. Cote’s experience also includes the design of industrial and commercial products.  over his 20+ year career, Mr. Cote has served in a variety of technical and executive leadership roles, including most recently as VP of R&D at Medica corp.

Rich Flathers, VP, Electronics & Software Engineering

Mr. Flathers has over 25 years of technical and leadership experience in all facets of software engineering and product development, including at Startek inc, where he led software development, at 3com where he was director of engineering and at Scope Communications where he was Chief Software Architect.  Mr. Flathers holds a Sc.B. in electrical engineering from Brown University and has been awarded a patent by the USPTO in the area of software architecture.

Scott Pearson, Chairman

Mr. Pearson has over 25 years experience leading a wide range of technology-based companies across a broad range of industries including uninterruptible power systems (UPS), fuel cell power systems, batteries, electric vehicles, electronics assembly equipment and materials, digital imaging and defense systems. Mr. Pearson is the CEO of Formetrix Inc., an early stage company focused on specialty metals for 3D printing.  Prior to this Mr. Pearson was the CEO of Aquion Energy and prior to that the CEO of Protonex Technology Corp.  He holds an M.B.A. from MIT’s Sloan School of Management, an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts.